We have cancelled all our events for May and June.

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The Captain Avery Museum celebrating 35 Years

In the 19th Century...

In the 19th Century...

In the 19th Century...

The people who made their living on the water.

In the 20th Century...

In the 19th Century...

In the 19th Century...

Opportunities for recreation on the Bay.

In the 21st Century...

In the 19th Century...

In the 21st Century...

We can all work to preserve the Chesapeake Bay.

Our Mission

How we do it.

In the 21st Century...

The mission of Captain Avery Museum is to celebrate the diversity of our community and engage it in activities that explore connections to the Chesapeake Bay through the prism of our historic home and waterfront property. 

What we do.

How we do it.

How we do it.

Events are how the Captain Avery Museum provides an important service to the 

community. We appreciate the support of our Captain Avery Museum sponsors, partners, grantors and collaborators

How we do it.

How we do it.

How we do it.

The generosity of our members and volunteers make all this possible at the Captain Avery Museum. Events, programs and fundraisers are all done with community support. This is how we fulfill our mission.

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Captain Avery Museum hosts cultural events such as music, painting and presentations by local authors and local museums. 


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You can be involved in our local efforts. Take a painting class, attend a musical performance or a lecture. Opportunities abound!


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We could not exist without our army of happy volunteers.

Help out at an event, in the office, or in the garden!

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All scheduled events have been cancelled. We will reschedule when we can.

No upcoming events.

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