Children’s Programs

Looking for a Unique Birthday Party? A Great Place for a Guided Tour for Kids? A Fascinating Way to Explore Nature on a Sunday Afternoon with your Child?

Captain Avery Museum Herb Garden

Our Museum staff and volunteers customize tours for children's groups of all ages from March through November each year.

Tours can encompass cultural history of the Shady Side area, hands-on baking in our kitchen, and environmental stewardship lessons and ecological discoveries in our RainScape Gardens.

Our team is available to work with both Anne Arundel Public Schools and private organizations. We customize our tours based upon the needs of each group.


Birthday parties are also a unique way to share our Museum with your friends and family.

In addition to the historic house and gardens, we have a large Great Room, Kitchen area, and a waterfront lawn for games.

If you are interested in planning your organization's next adventure for kids, please contact us 410-867-4486 or send us an e-mail.


Explore the ecology around the Captain Avery Museum with our unique Nature Discovery Kits for kids!

* Scavenger Hunt with picture cards on the flowers and critters that live around the Museum

* Magnifying Glass to help discover bugs, butterflies, and plants in detail

* Bug, Butterfly and Critter sheets to color as you sit and enjoy the view of the West River.

* Advanced Scavenger Hunt with scientific cards on the plants and wildlife that create the ecology around the Captain Avery Museum

* Learn the 3 "Ss" of Storm Water Management to help control pollution at home

* Magnifying Glass and ruler to help discover nature in more detail

* Binoculars to explore things that appear to be out of reach at first glance

* pH Meters to test the alkalinity and acidity of the soil