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Young Osprey pair now in nest

Although later than we expected, a mated osprey pair are now occupying the nesting platform at the Avery waterfront. Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) are large raptors that visit Chesapeake Bay tidal waters from spring through late summer. These monogamous birds are found on every continent except Antarctica, making them the most widespread bird on earth. Also known as “fish hawks,” the osprey will hunt high above the water and plunge in feet-first to catch its food. The raptor will then rearrange its catch and carry the fish facing front, to reduce drag while flying.

They will stay around for the summer to raise their young and migrate southward for the winter in mid-August.  If we are very lucky, we may be able to see some little ones appear in June or July! Visit our waterfront and welcome “Salem and Lucretia” home for the season!

For more information about osprey, visit the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Osprey page.